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Life Assurance

Life assurance ensures if you were to die your loved ones would be provided for with a tax free lump sum payout. The lump sum can be designed to clear your mortgage, leaving your family debt free.

Even if you don't have a mortgage you should consider life assurance to ensure your family are fully financially provided for.

There are two main types of life assurance...

  • Level term assurance will payout a fixed amount for the chosen term of your cover.
  • Decreasing term assurance reduces the amount of cover you have over your chosen term, normally in line with the reducing balance of your mortgage. As such the premiums are lower.

Term assurance policies do not have surrender values or penalties for cancellation. Therefore it can pay to see if there are better or cheaper policies on the market today if you took out your policy a while ago.

For life assurance we recommend considering use of a life assurance trust which can be setup free of charge to speed up the payout and reduce inheritance tax.

Please contact us to review your needs and provide you with a best value life assurance quote.

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