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Need a Mortgage for a Refurbishment?

If you have a property in need of refurbishment or renovation we can help.

Whether it's your own home or a buy to let property we can advise you on the best way to get a mortgage for it.

There are specialist light refurbishment mortgages on the market or it may be possible just to obtain a standard mortgage for the work.

Chartners offers independendent whole of market mortgage advice for all refurbishment mortgages.

If you need help getting a refurbishment mortgage or finding the most suitable refurb mortgage for you we can help. Our simple 3 step process allows us to offer a nationwide mortgage broker service that is tailored to your needs to find the right refurb mortgage for you.

We are NOT a comparison site. Using a comparison site or best buy tables can be very dangerous (see below!). We are experts at what we do, know the refurbishment mortgage market and will research the whole of market on your behalf.

Whether you just need some initial advice, an agreement in principle or a mortgage application we can help you.

10 Top Reasons to Call Us For Refurbishment Mortgage Advice

1. Independent and Whole of Market

We are Independent Mortgage Brokers offering a whole of market choice for mortgages and protection. If you go direct to a lender, they can only recommend their own very limited product range. There are over 100 lenders and thousands of mortgage deals available to research. We listen to you, find out your needs and circumstances, recommend the most suitable mortgage for you and fully explain the features and benefits.

Beware using an estate agent broker that only has access to a limited panel of lenders and are not whole of market.

2. Exclusive Mortgage Broker Deals

These are deals not available to the general public or through price comparison sites that we have access to for you.

3. NOT a Price Comparison Site!

Be very aware of the dangers of using a price comparison site or best buy tables...

  • They don't know if you qualify for the mortgage, resulting in lots of wasted time and effort with lenders who will reject your application. This can lower your credit score, making it even harder to get a mortgage. You should use a broker that understands the approval process of different lenders.
  • You need to understand all the features, terms and hidden charges attached to a mortgage. What may seem the best mortgage often isn't when all the factors are considered by an independent broker. At a very minimum, setup fees, rates, redemption penalties, income multiples, term, loan to value and how quick the lender is need to be considered. What is best for one person will not be for another when all factors are considered.
  • They do not have access to all the mortgages we do that may suit you better.

4. Nationwide Service with Easy 3 Step Process

Wherever you are based within the UK, our unique easy 3 step process allows us to provide you with a full expert independent mortgage broking service.

5. Compliance with FCA Regulations

We are regularly audited to ensure compliance with Financial Conduct Authority regulations. All our mortgage and protection work complies with the FCA regulations. We are committed to Treating Customers Fairly. £1.75 million professional indemnity cover is in place for your protection as well. You are never pressured to take any product.

6. Prompt Service and Immediate Agreement in Principle

If we're unavailable for any reason calls are usually returned within the hour, as are emails or texts. As soon as you confirm which mortgage you would like to apply for, we will get an immediate agreement in principle for you. This puts you in a strong bargaining position when dealing with estate agents and vendors. Everything is done extremely promptly throughout the mortgage application process and you will receive regular updates.

7. All Paperwork Done For You

Mortgage application forms are usually long and can be complicated. We complete and submit all the paperwork for you throughout the process.

8. One Dedicated Advisor - Not a Call Centre!

We are not a Call Centre! You work with one friendly advisor throughout who will fully understand your own particular circumstances. When you call, they will know all about you - we are not a call centre where we read your notes off a screen!

9. With You Every Step of the Way

We will liaise with and chase lenders, estate agents and solicitors throughout the mortgage process on your behalf. We are here for you whenever you need us throughout your lifetime. And we can also provide you with independent advice on how to fully protect your family.

10. No Jargon, Straightforward Advice

We speak to you in plain English and explain everything to you clearly to help ensure you fully understand the advice you are given.

Your Next Step...

To discuss your mortgage situation and needs please either call us on Freephone 0800 0337 235 or request a callback. We'll get to work straight away for you.

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10 Reasons to call for mortgage advice!

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